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Law Firm Lead Gen Magnets

Trading Knowledge for Leads

Law firm lead generation magnets are typically longer-form pieces of content that covers a particular practice area in great depth.


From personal injury FAQs to an "Ultimate" Guide on estate-planning, these pieces can be used as gateway content that requires a prospective client to enter an email address to access. 

Our legal professionals are skilled in writing long-form content, which is then passed to our graphics team. The end package can be used on your website and in PPC ads to get more leads in your sales funnel.

Law Firm Sales Funnels

The Path from Lead to Client

A sales funnel is a carefully-constructed path that is designed to pique interest in your firm, educate and engage prospects enough to give you their email address, and then continue to engage those prospects via email and other campaigns to build trust and ultimately become your clients.

Our sales funnel experts will work with you to determine your best offerings, architect your sales funnel, and implement it to start attracting leads into your practice.

While sales funnels can work without ads, it's usually more profitable to pair a funnel with a PPC ad campaign on search engines and/or social media.

If you want leads quickly, a sales funnel is the way to go.

Pay-Per Click Ad Campaigns
We'll Fill Your Pipeline While You Sleep

Get your brand at the top of search engines and in your ideal client's social media feed with Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns.


Our certified PPC ad experts will research your target demographics, craft your campaign,  set-up all back-end tracking, construct AB testing, and maximize your ROI by tweaking your campaigns over time to reduce your cost per lead.

When used in conjunction with a lead generation magnet and sales funnel, you can increase prospect engagement with your firm and get those prospects to engage your firm for their legal services.

Start your campaign today!

Guest Article Publishing

Tap Into Targeted Traffic

Guest blogging enables you to educate audiences in related, but non-competing industries. When done right, you can both improve your own website rankings and obtain qualified leads from the host's traffic.

We can help you locate appropriate guest posting opportunities, write your posts, and ensure you get the backlinks to improve your ranking.

Guest posting is also a great way to get the host website's traffic into your sales funnel, increasing the amount of leads in your pipeline and your opportunities to convert them to clients.

Law Firm Social Media Management

Distribute Your Content Where Your Future Clients Are

Marketing your law firm through social media channels is not optional. Over 3 billion people use social media worldwide. Odds are, more than a few of these folks are your ideal clients.


Getting your law firm's brand and message out to as many of those people as possible will greatly increase the number of quality leads to your firm.


We'll help you decide which channels to focus on for your location and practice areas and create strategies to attract a steady stream of potential income.

We'll also research and optimize hashtag use, we can greatly expand your reach across relevant channels.

 #Engage  #Convert

Rize-Up PR Campaigns

Announce Your Big News to the World

Our Rize-Up PR Campaigns represent the next-level in law firm promotion. We take your newsworthy events (like launching a new law firm), craft your message, transform it into text, video, slides, and audio. Next, we blast your message across 400+ media outlets and influencers.

Because these outlets have high domain authority, they rise quickly to the front page, taking your company along with them.

The Result? Your firm gets a jumpstart in rankings and gains the attention of potential clients and referral sources in no time. 

Law Firm Lead Gen Packages &  Pricing


Ad Spend -up to $2,999 (per month)

  • Lead Gen eBook

  • Sales Funnel Build - Basic

  • PPC Campaign (per channel)

  • Social Media Management
    (3 posts per week)

  • 1 - Rize-Up PR Campaign
    (per month)

1-Time Fee:




Ad Spend - $3,000 to $4,999 (per month)

  • Lead Gen eBook

  • Sales Funnel Build - Plus

  • PPC Campaign (per channel)

  • Social Media Management
    (5 posts per week)

  • 1 - Rize-Up PR Campaign
    (per month)

1-Time Fee:




Ad Spend - $5,000-$9,999 (per month)

  • Lead Gen eBook

  • Sales Funnel Build - Plus

  • PPC Campaign (per channel)

  • Social Media Management
    (7 posts per week)

  • 1 Guest Post (per month)

  • 1 - Rize-Up PR Campaign
    (per month)

1-Time Fee:




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