Imagine Your Brand Gracing the Pages of USA Today, NBC, Google Business, and Hundreds More Media Outlets.

This is how you win the internet.

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Learn our exact formula for rising organically to #1 in Google Local.

Rize-Up PR Campaigns

Announce Your Big News to the World

Our Rize-Up PR Campaigns represent the next-level in law firm promotion. We take your newsworthy events (like launching a new law firm), craft your message, transform it into text, video, slides, and audio. Next, we blast your message across 400+ media outlets and influencers.

Because these outlets have high domain authority, they rise quickly to the front page, taking your company along with them.

The Result? Your firm gets a jumpstart in rankings and gains the attention of potential clients and referral sources in no time. 

You - Do Something Newsworthy
We'll take care of the rest.

Whether you want to announce the opening of a new office, the addition of a new attorney or partner, or that you won a landmark case, we can get the word out in a big way. Need some ideas on how to be newsworthy? We love helping our clients create PR strategies to keep them in the headlines and dominating page #1.

We Craft Your Message
Attract Unchartered Attention

Once you tell us about your event, we ask you a few questions to make sure we've got the relevant information. From there, we craft your story, including links to your site, images, and quotes. 

We Transform Your Content
Audio, Video, Slideshows - Not Your Father's PR Campaign

Next, we transform your story to run in audio, slide, and video format. All this is done behind the scenes without any interruption to your business. Welcome to the next generation of PR campaigns.

Want to Build a Custom Marketing Plan?

We're happy to build out custom plans for our clients, ensuring you have the marketing support you need for virtually any marketing budget.