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Google My Business for Law Firms (This may be more important than your website!)

Do you want to drive more quality traffic to your law firm’s website and through its doors? A majority of people searching law services on Google use the “results near me” option, and it’s estimated that on average, 50% of those people contact top results within a day of their search. If you expect your law firm to rank #1 in your area, it’s time to optimize and leverage your Google My Business page.

Google My Business for Law Firms
Google My Business for Law Firms

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an online platform that will increase your law firm’s presence across Google Search and Maps. Designed as a one-stop directory style listing, GMB provides your law firm’s location and contact information, hours of operation, your legal practice area and services, customer reviews, and links to your website.

Your law firm's GMB listing will appear in response to organic searches for local services and allow the user to see your firm’s vital information without leaving the Google search page.

  • Local business listing

  • Directory map

  • Law firm name

  • Location and contact information

  • Customer reviews

  • Website links

Why is Google My Business Important for Lawyers?

Lawyers provide counsel to clients needing expert legal advice and representation. Clients’ problems often require immediate attention and are of a sensitive, private nature, and prospective clients want a quick response from a trusted and reliable attorney.

Using Google My Business, a potential client can search for services at any time and from anywhere, without breaching personal privacy.

GMB offers instantaneous results to desktop users, as well as smartphone users searching while on-the-go. When privacy is of concern, word of mouth referrals and social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn risk exposure.

Your law firm’s Google My Business page will safeguard privacy, highlight your law firm’s experience and practice area, and can showcase customer reviews that boost client confidence. Google My Business benefits include:

  • Offers discretion to prospective clients

  • Fosters confidence and trust in your legal practice

  • Provides location and contact information of your law office

  • Allows for immediate contact with attorneys at your law firm

Setting Up Google My Business For Lawyers in 5 Steps

  1. Go to Google My Business, and click on ‘Manage Now.’

  2. Sign in using the Google account you will use to manage your listing.

  3. Enter your law firm’s vital information.



Phone number

E-mail address

Service category


Website URL

GMB for Lawyers
Set Up Your Google My Business Page in 5 Easy Steps

Double-check your entries for accuracy.

You may want to enter multiple, related service categories describing your law firm, i.e., Lawyer/Personal Injury Attorney; Law Firm/Family Law; Family Law/Divorce Attorneys.

4. Verify your law firm’s map location. If the location isn't correct, move the pin to the right spot.

5. Verify your Google My Business listing.

The Key Element to Maximizing Your Law Firm’s GMB Listing

You’ve claimed your GMB page, and potential clients see your listing.

Now what? How do you turn those prospects into actual clients?

The answer: User Engagement.

Google aims to create the best possible search experience for the least amount of effort by the user. While many potential clients will click through to your law firm’s website, most want the convenience of instant connection. GMB features designed to engage the user increase potential for conversion and ROI.

Engage Through Messaging and Q&As

  • direct contact with your law firm through your GMB account

  • satisfies urgency of those needing legal help

  • check and respond to messages regularly

  • avoid frustrating clients with slow or unanswered messages

Ask for Reviews

  • allows clients to share experiences

  • offer reassurance to prospective clients

  • encourage users to click contact your law firm

  • positive reviews improve SERP ranking

Enable Click to Call

  • facilitates immediate contact with your law firm by phone

  • ensure contact information is accurate

  • be available to answer the phone during office hours

Post Regularly (weekly at a miminum)

  • provide insight into your law firm’s expertise

  • affirm your law firms experience

  • highlights website content

  • link to website or blogs

Utilize Appointment Scheduling

  • encourages immediate booking from your GMB listing

  • generates a commitment by the client

  • clients are less likely to shop other law firms

  • syncs with Google Calendar

How to Manage Your Law Firm’s Google My Business Listing

Remember, the tools designed by Google are to provide the most accurate information in the least amount of clicks and with the least amount of frustration. Managing your GMB listing is critical to avoid your law firm being penalized by low ranking on SERPs.

Schedule Regular Maintenance of Your GMB Listing

GMB Listing
GMB Listing

Verify your law firm’s listing information:

  • law firm name

  • phone number

  • address

  • suite number

  • e-mail address

If you’ve added a partner to the law firm name, update your listing. If your law firm has changed suite numbers or e-mail addresses, an update is needed.

Don't forget to check the accuracy of your map location.

CRITICAL: Make sure your law firm’s GMB listing matches any other site or directory listings on the web.

Verify the accuracy of your listing regularly to avoid confusing clients and frustrating Google.

Responding to Messages, Q&As, and Reviews

This helps showcase your professionalism and fosters goodwill. To avoid having this step fall through the cracks, designate a single person responsible for this task.

Short on staff and time? Consider outsourcing this task

Response to client outreach is essential in building your reputation and avoiding bad reviews.

Use Google Insights

Google insights enable you to measure the performance of your GMB listing. It features an easy-to-read dashboard that provides all of the crucial information you need to assess your GMB campaigns. GMB statistics and functions include:

  • How clients find your listing

  • Direct contacts from your listing

  • Popular photos/posts

  • Clicks from GMB listing to website

Google Insights
How customers search for your business

Why Your Law Firm Needs Google My Business

Google My Business provides local search results for people in your area needing immediate legal services. Because Google favors its own products, your GMB page can be more important than your own website for attracting more traffic.

By establishing a GMB listing, your law firm is more likely to rank in top local search results on Google’s coveted page one, and it might also land in Google's local map-pack, making your firm’s contact information immediately visible to potential clients.

Most importantly, GMB provides a prime opportunity for immediate engagement between your law firm and local clients in need of your legal services. Claiming your Google My Business listing is essential to driving local traffic to your law firm's website, which gives you more opportunities to convert those visitors into clients.

Need help managing your Google My Business page? We can help. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help.

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