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[Law Firm SEO] Why Do Lawyers Need a Blog in 2020?

Lawyers who blog are outpacing those who don’t. They reach more people and convert more prospects to clients than non-blogging attorneys. Lawyers can leverage well-written legal content to showcase their legal expertise, establish trust and credibility, and connect to a qualified audience.

Why Do Lawyers Need a Blog
Why Do Lawyers Need a Blog in 2020?

Adding regular content to your law firm blog increases your firm's visibility among search engines by earning higher SERP rankings. Through targeted content and SEO, lawyers who blog:

  • gain a competitive edge

  • establish trust and authority

  • generate more website traffic

  • increase conversion

  • rank higher SERP

  • improve ROI

Law Firm Blog Guidelines

Your online blog promotes legal expertise to searchers with questions about the law and services you provide. Blog articles should be easy to read and should engage the reader with current, informed content. Following a few suggested blog guidelines will establish a positive relationship between the reader and your law firm.

  • Be informative. People searching for law topics generally have a problem and are looking for help from lawyers. Blogs should introduce your legal experience and reassure people that you can provide answers to their questions.

  • Establish authority. Seemingly counter-intuitive, prospective clients want to trust you before they know you. Blogs that share your legal knowledge and accomplishments are an excellent way to earn confidence and trust among potential clients.

  • Engage with your audience. Searchers increasingly use smartphones and request “services near me.” Include a mobile application for your blog and create an interactive experience with the user by inviting comments and reviews. Contact information should be clear and allow for an instant connection with your office.

  • Provide answers. Offer solutions to recurring concerns within your specialized area of practice. Educating readers regarding legal challenges and potential outcomes positions your firm as legal experts.

How Regular Blogging Improves SEO

Search engines continuously crawl websites looking for fresh content. Frequent blogging makes your website visible to crawlers and web users and reinforces your law firm’s website as active rather than stale and outdated. Regularly scheduled blogs and blog series that invite readers to return to your website repeatedly, improve your SEO, and are rewarded with higher SERP ranking.

Frequent Blogs = Increased Visibility and Traffic = Improved SEO = Higher SERP Ranking

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How to Find Legal Topics to Write About

Consistent blogging requires fresh material, yet finding legal topics to write about needn’t be a burden. Consider these resources when looking for new topics:

FAQs From Clients About Your Practice Area.

Offer answers to FAQs in advance of in-office appointments.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner reports on frequently searched terms and phrases, providing insight into organic searches and trending topics.

Google Your Competitors

If your competition is writing about a topic, it may be worth presenting your legal perspective.

Create Case Studies

Summarize cases, key precedents, and appeal decisions. Explain their significance.

Address Legislative Changes that Impact Your Clients

Writing about changes and new developments affecting your clients reinforces your continuing education and expertise.

Cover Current Events and Legal Trends

Blog about newsworthy events and legal trends specific to your law concentration.

Share Your Notable Accomplishments

Sharing your law firm’s achievements reinforces its prominence in the legal community.

Insider Tip: Use UberSuggest to find engaging blog topics.

UberSuggest Engaging Blog Topics
Use UberSuggest to find engaging blog topics

The Bottom Line: Your Law Firm Needs A Blog

Blogs offer a simple and direct means of communicating your law firm's expertise to prospective clients. Effectively executed blogs will increase market share, and position your law firm ahead of its competitors in SEO and SERP. Your law firm cannot afford to be without a blog.

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