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Introducing the Next Generation of Law Firm PR: Rize-Up PR Campaigns

Studies have shown that consumers increasingly rely on electronic media messaging when making decisions regarding products and services. Immediate access to web-based information has proven significantly attractive to a technology-driven generation.

Sadly, a majority of businesses are not capitalizing on the many opportunities available to support broad-based internet branding and messaging.

What Makes Rize-Up PR Campaigns Different?

Most PR firms offer a basic single-press-release method of getting your company’s news into the hands of journalists. While that strategy may have worked in the past to get you a day or two of media attention, they do little to specifically market your product or service on a targeted and ongoing basis.

At Rizely, we engage a unique multi-faceted approach to announcing your business news. Our process is designed to solidify your brand and distribute your message across 400+ e-media channels to a targeted audience.

Our strategic use of internet and social media platforms guarantees high visibility, high traffic, and higher than average conversions in comparison to general distribution through text-only PR web-media outlets.

With Rize-Up Media Campaigns instead of just a single news article, you get an article that is also transformed into audio, slide, and video formats and distributed to a broader range of influencers via video and podcasts.

Rize Up Multimedia PR Campaigns
Introducing the Next Generation of Law Firm PR

Our PR Services

Our team is committed to increasing your presence on the world stage and generating a greater than average return on investment. When you work with Rizely, you partner with a team dedicated to creating specialized content for supercharged distribution to your target audience.

We generate topic and industry-specific press releases ready for syndicated distribution to high traffic blogs, multimedia journalists, and media outlets. To further advance your message, Rize-Up Campaigns expands media messaging services to include customized podcasts, videos, and Slideshare presentations for distribution to major media influencers.

Customizing content and reaching a wide base of targeted, high-profile media influencers best positions your company for maximum placement and visibility in search engine results.

These combined services not only bring your brand to a wider audience, they also get your brand on page one of search engines faster, and in higher density, than a single page alone.

In addition, when the news cycle has moved on, your website still retains hundreds of high-authority backlinks, which keeps that clout that search engines like to see in higher-ranking websites.

Rize-Up PR Campaigns
Rize-Up PR Campaigns

Benefits of Partnering with Rizely

The success of your business rests largely on your skill and ability to deliver your products and services to customers. Marketing your business will generate the customer base on the receiving end of those efforts. It stands to reason that choosing the right strategic marketing partner is critical.

When you choose Rizely, you are choosing more than just an ordinary internet marketing solution. You are choosing a company that will help you navigate the ever-changing search engine optimization game in a systematic and cohesive way. You will be gaining a team of qualified digital marketing professionals who put their expertise to work for your success in an innovative and multi-layered approach.

Rise to the Top of Search Engine Results for Your Most Profitable Keywords

By securing valuable backlinks from high-authority sites across the internet, we are able to improve your organic search rank and authority.

  • Your business profile will reach and dominate page one of Google and other search engines faster than expected.

  • Your company will be positioned to reach customers seeking your specific products and services, while being broadly seen by millions of people who may be long-range potential clients.

  • Your brand and messaging will be widely promoted across a variety of highly trafficked web-based media platforms, creating a familiarity with your brand among your key consumer base and the greater general public.

With increased exposure, you can rely on more traffic directed to your website, and a higher volume of qualified leads generated for conversion.

The Rizely Guarantee

Simplicity. Strategy. Success.

The team at Rizely proactively works to deliver simple, straightforward marketing campaigns tailored to your company and client base, designed to bring you ultimate success in client cultivation and retention.

Get in front. Stay in front.

Establishing a strong and comprehensive digital footprint has never been more important in today’s leading marketplace of global technology.

So, where do you begin? Whether you are in the process of developing an online presence or wish to optimize dominate page one of search engines in your industry, partnering with Rizely is essential to your business success.

We maximize awareness of your brand and deliver your message to both a specific and wide consumer base, capturing business for today and planting seeds for tomorrow.

Want to Build a Custom Marketing Plan?

We're happy to build out custom plans for our clients, ensuring you have the marketing support you need for virtually any marketing budget.