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Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Every day, firms and attorneys are battling it out for clients. With all that noise, how can you reach your target audience and get attention for your firm?

In this article, you’ll learn the law firm marketing strategies that can take your practice to the next level.

Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies
Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Claim and Optimize Online Directory Listings

There are hundreds of directory listings out there, and several of them are absolutely essential for showing up in local SERPs (search engine results pages).

Websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and the Better Business Bureau compile listings of firms in a given area. None may be more important than your Google My Business Listing.

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These directory listings immediately provide your target audience with your business name, address, phone number, and critical information. It’s also an opportunity for you to publicly interact with clients and establish a history of reviews. By claiming and optimizing your listings, Google will recognize your website with more authority, which leads to higher rankings.

If you’re particularly active and thorough when it comes to your listings, there’s even a chance you can land yourself in Google’s coveted 3-pack. This is free, premium advertising at the top of law firm search results pages.

Let Clients Know That Your Firm is THE Authority

The quickest way for a law firm, or any business, to demonstrate authority to clients is by showing proof of your success.

It should be a priority for you to post images of or write about your licenses, awards, and other achievements or highlights you’ve received in regard to your service. Some attorneys even post an updated showcase of their trial results each month. Nothing converts better than an attorney who wins.

In that same vein, satisfied clients are usually thrilled to write testimonials based on their experience with your service. Show new clients what you’ve done for others, and exactly what they can expect from you as well.

Always Be Updating Your Website’s Local SEO

SEO campaigns are essential for any website to rank well on Google search results. If your website isn’t optimized, it won’t be seen by potential leads. It’s as simple as that. Recent studies indicate that as many as 92% of users will never click beyond the first results page. There’s a lot that goes into SEO marketing campaigns, which is why you want to leave it to the experts. They’ll take the time to optimize page load times and make your website easy to browse. This also involves providing concise page titles, meta descriptions, compelling images with the correct alt text, and more to ensure that clients know exactly what your website offers. Perhaps most important of all, SEOs will be able to identify keywords to capitalize on, giving your law firm an edge when it comes to search result rankings.

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You advocate for your clients in the courtroom; let us advocate for you online. Let us show the world why your firm deserves to stand out.

In addition to website optimization and law firm SEO, we also assist with pay per click advertising, Google ads, Facebook ads, content marketing, PR and social media campaigns.

If you know your law firm is capable of more and want real results, contact us today at (702) 745-0877 and start getting more clients now!

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